Refund Not received from Bank for ATM Machine Error

On 31st July, I went to the SBI ATM in Chandra Layout area to withdraw Rs.5000 from my UBI debit card. After completing the process of validation, the ATM machine did not disburse the Cash and the screen went blank. I then
tried to withdraw from the 2nd machine here again the message was….” your transaction is in process…. please wait”
Again, NO cash was disbursed. No transaction slip was generated. The security guard told me that there could be some problem with the server or power. The bank can even check the CCTV footage. Later, I noticed that my account was debited twice and by the end of the day, only one credit appeared in my account. The second transaction with ID No S60227236 was not reversed. Therefore, the next day, I went to the UBI branch and lodged a complaint No. 563400108180001.
Since then, I have been sending mail after mail to all the concerned officers including the audit and compliance but till date I have not received any response from UBI nor has the error been rectified. I am now thinking of writing to the Chairman of the Bank and also to the Finance Ministry. The service of the bank is pathetic

Aravind TN
Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560040, Karnataka

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