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PVR ticket booking problem Rs.1,015/-

PVR ticket booking problem Rs.1,015/-:

Sanchit Thakur, Chandigarh, UT (Email: sanchitthakur(at)illuminz.com) booked 7 tickets from PVR’s website on Monday 23rd of April, 2012 at about 6 pm. He got the confirmation form the Bank that Rs. 1015.00 have been deducted from my account and paid to PVR Limited in Gurgaon. However, he got no confirmation whasoever from PVRe. When he went to the ticket counter to collect the tickets, he was told that the tickets were not booked. After verifying this again and again finally Mr. Sanchit Thakur asked for refund which was not forthcoming. He posted his complaint with ICF on 15-06-2012 the matter was taken up with PVR and finally the issue was resolved 17-06-2012 to the customer’s satisfaction.

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