Apple not providing solution regarding repair of iPhone SE
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Apple not providing solution regarding repair of iPhone SE

I have purchased an Apple iPhone SE(2020) .Recently I have given the mobile phone to Apple India service provider Aptronics India(Vijayawada branch)regarding a problem with Home Button.

I have enquired them regarding the issue and they said various things regarding the repair. They said that they have changed several parts in mobile phone .  After a very long period of 45 days they have completed the repair . As I was checking my mobile phone in the service centre, it had many scratches , dents , bruises which were not present before . The mobile phone is in terrible condition . When I gave my mobile phone to them for repair regarding home button issue , the mobile phone had not even one scratch or a dent. And even the service providers gave us a confirmation that the phone is clean and has no cosmetic damage in written (I have submitted an attachment below which was given by Aptronix India Service regarding the condition of my mobile phone with says the mobile is clean and has no cosmetic damage).In the process of repair they have handled my mobile in a very disgusting manner. I have questioned them about the same thing and they are not providing me any resolution to me.

I have even called Apple India Limited customer service team regarding this issue and even they have neglected the issue .

Aptronics India and Apple India are the culprits.
Aptronics India service mishandled my new mobile phone and did not provide me the right resolution.
When I have asked Apple India regarding this issue , even they have not provided me the right resolution.

I need justice in this case , since my new mobile is now damaged and in a helpless situation

Vijayawada 521137, Andhra Pradesh

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