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AQ technology and urban technology threatening me for money

Respected Sir /mam, AQ technology and urban Technology contacted me for job work. AQ Technology sad that I have to fill 7000 captcha and there should be 90% accuracy so they will pay me 21000 and deduct 6200 from them and then payment will be done I have checked all captures there was no mistake but there putting the allegations on me that I have done wrong and they have filed complaint against me me and threatening me to pay 6200money with their advocate.
same case is with urban Technology also they have given 700 form and I swear all of them were correct I have checked them three times but they are also threatening me with their advocate that they want to complaint me and messaging me with the SMSHLP then I search both of them in Google and they are found fraud just to take money from poor people they threaten for the money so that so that they are threatening me and give them money I request our Indian law and government to have action against this companies.

Bilakta, Seoni, MP, 480884

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