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Complaint against Eros travels for Kedarnath trip

My father wanted to visit all holy piligrims in uttarakhand he is 60yrs old and travelled almost all places and finally he wanted to visit kedarnath by horseride. since he had back pain he couldn’t able to reach kedarnath by horseride he told me to book ticket in helicopters. Tickets were sold out in internet I have contacted Eros Travel agency agent Ms.Rxxxi she said ticket is available she ll book once payment is done Ticket fare as per the uttarakhand tourism site is 7500 last moment I booked hence asked to pay 12000 which is almost higher rate. I didn’t have option my father had back pain so transferred 12000 to agency a/c number (travel date 4th june money was transferred on 3rd) ticket was not booked under passenger name I didn’t get the ticket reference number when I started sending message to agent asked to me to wait informed ticket is confirmed yet to receive reference number.

Someone from the agency called my father and Informed him to go to guptakashi helipad station at 9.30am and agent Me.Rxxxxxxi informed me helipad is from phata via Arrow Air. Details were mismatch I couldn’t able to match on 4th . Bcz Travel agent told me her coordinator is there to help don’t worry.

On 4th my father reached Guptakashi helipad counter when he informed his name they said ticket is not booked under his name so called me at 7.30am and when contacted my agent she said ticket was booked late night why your father went so early system takes time to get it updated meanwhile one of the counter agent asked him via which agent ticket was booked nd how much u paid he informed Ticket amt was 12000 and agency Eros Travels they informed my father ticket rate is fixed that’s only 7500 not more than that.

Agent started blaming me and told me my father has created mess in the counter tell him to wait. He was waited there for 30mins and her coordinator asked him to go to phata helipad my father reached there there also same story ticket was not booked under my father’s name then Eros Travel agency coordinator informed him to go to Badasu once he reached coordinator spoke to counter staffs over phone to allow him to fly .

Counter agent said my father is eligible for one way trip not for round trip when same information communicated to my travel agent Rxxxi she said let him go one way will contact him later and give him the reference details.
My father anyhow reached kedarnath at 1pm with agency reference.

Mobile network is not available in kedarnath coordinator and agent Rxxxi both were telling me to inform my father to contact Mr. Axxxxk from arrow air I told them clearly when network is not there how to inform. I had a doubt asked coordinator and agent why to give Reference name when ticket is booked under my father’s name they didn’t respond.

Next day in mean on 6th my father went to Arrow Air counter to check whether ticket is booked or not they said no tickets are not booked (my father visited at 6am). So he waited for half an hour and nobody gave him proper reply and decided to go by walk imagine he had back pain he couldn’t able to contact us due to network problems
My father reached back at 2 by walking and ebbs he reached back it started raining. I’d would have stuck in the rain then what would have happened.

Now spoke to travel Agent they are ready to give me ticket details and not responding for refund also. When I spoke to coordinate he said my father was sent by helicopter without ticket they sent him via coordinator reference. I felt very bad even after paying higher amount my father reached by walk. Fought with agent now they are not even responding disconnecting my call.

I think all agens are collecting money and booking black tickets pls help me in solving this issue.

kavitha prabhu
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
08/06/2017 / 10:00 pm

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