Complaint Regarding Dahiya Haryana Logistics services

Complaint Regarding Dahiya Haryana Logistics services

I had to transport my motorcycle from Noida to Chandigarh. I started looking for 2 wheeler movers online and requested a quote online from and website on 15 April 2021.
Soon I got a call from (Dahiya Haryana Logistics Services) Gurugram. They quoted me a price of 2000 rupees with door-to-door pickup and drop. They committed that the bike would be delivered safely within 2 days, and after being packed we would send you a picture of your bike and a tracking ID with which you could track your bike in a few hours.
On 16 April 2021: With so many promises and an affordable price Rs 2000 included everything, I handed over my bike to them after checking their GSTIN number to see if they were real (and they were registered) and then my sleepless nights were running out. I could not find any packaging pictures and tracking number for 7 days.
Over the call, he introduced himself as Grugram DHL owner. However after further inquiry later on after booking, I get to know that this is a fraud company using the name of DHL (which is an international brand). Mr. Axxxx Dxxxxx was running a company with the same name but it is Dhiya Haryana Logistics Service (A short form they used as DHL to impress or attract customers). Further details can be checked from the WebSite Dahiya Haryana Logistics http://www.dahiyaharyanalogist.
When I reached out to DHL over the call for the delivery status, they told me that he was busy and that I would get the details in a while. Nothing happened and I called again and again. On Monday 19 April, after giving several calls, he came up with hidden charges and asked me to pay this amount otherwise the Motorcycle will not be given to you. In his bill, he added Transport Charge (2000), Document Charge (350), Pickup Charge (500), which he had not told me earlier and simply told me that its entire amount is door-to-door service for INR 2000. Insurance charges (990) on price 33000, GST 9% 345, CGST 9% 345. Altogether they charged a sum of 4530.000. When I asked him about the hidden charges, I was not informed in advance, then he said “WO TO DENA PADEGA, NAHI TO BIKE NAHI MILEGI”. When I asked him to return his bike to the same place from where he had picked it up and on returning our money he said that your bike is now loaded and will reach you by 19 April evening. I asked for the details and the tracking photo, he then said that he is busy and will share the details soon.
On 19 April 2021: In the afternoon, I called many times but he didn’t pick up my call. In the evening he picked the call and said I am very busy and will update you soon. But he didn’t update anything on 19th April again.
On 20 April 2021: I called, in the afternoon he said Truck is reached to Ambala and he is coordinating with the driver and by evening you will get delivery. I called him in the evening for the status but he didn’t pick my call.
On 21 April 2021: I called him in the morning and asked for the driver’s contact number so that I can pick it up from Ambala instead of waiting more time as it is already delayed, and I asked him to share the consignment number. He ignored and disconnected my call. He abuses me as well and did not picket my call the rest of that day. Over Whats app message when I asked him that if you do not respond me properly then I will complain you. He replied to me in next morning. “CAMPLAIN KARO”.
On 22 April 2021: I called him many times but he didn’t respond to any of my calls.
On 23 April 2021: Morning, over the call, he said “KAR LO JO KARNA HAI”. After saying these words I went to my nearest police station and informed them of this thing and then they called him from my phone. Over the call, they warned and he said that the Bike will be delivered in 3 days.
On 26 April 2021: He gave me the consignment number which mentioned that the bike was loaded on the 24th April 2021, not on 19 April. This shows that he was continuously telling lies to me from the last 10 days. This consignment number was from the Company not from his company. At last, now I can now track my bike.
On 28 April 2021: Finally, the bike received in Panchkula SPOTON office, it was not door-to-door delivery. When I called Customer Care, they said that the door-to-door delivery amount is not given to us, so you have to get it from our store. Anyway I went there and collected my bike, I found that my bike had some damages, such as the clutch lever was broken, the headlamp and its visor was broken and the side panel broker was found. I complained to him about this, he said give me a picture of it, then I will give you the insurance amount in a few days. I shared all the requested details with him along with pictures of my bike from the delivery location of SOPOTON office.
On 29 April 2021: When I asked the claim status which is of rupees 6500.00 the next day then he asked me for my email address and then phone number. Everything I provided him. Later, when I called him for claim status again the next day he said he would update but he never updated me. I called him many times in between 3rd May 2021 to 6th May 2021 but he didn’t pick up my call even a single time.
On 7 May 2021: I called him one last time and he spoke very rudely and started abusing me with bad words and that “JO KARNA HAI KARLO”.
Since then he blocked me and there was no other way to contact him. I called SPOTON, they said that they do not take this type of responsibility and I have to contact to the Vendor DHL who booked my order. I called to the service company logisticmart and sent several mails but did not get any response.

I request you to take strict action on this and help me to get the damage claim of rupees 6500

Chandigarh 160022, Chandigarh

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