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Complaint regarding defective mobile from Flipkart

I have ordered the Intex Aqua A4 4G mobile from Flipkart on 2nd Nov 2017 and it got dilivered by 5th Nov 2017 and I found it faulty when I did first call there was too much disturbance over call and unable to understand the conversation over call and very next day on 6th Nov we raised the return request from Flipkart. and Flipkart technisian verified the mobile issue then also Flipkart rejected the return request by saying that ‘its the software issue and it will be fixed by Intex service center’ and then I went to the intex service center and Intex service center verified the issue and said that it can not be fixed . After that I called the Flipkart that Intex service center is saying that issue can not be fixed and Flipkart gave me that number to talk to the Intex service center and I did the same then Intex service center said that they will send this mobile to Delhi service center for the fix and again I got mobile in the same Faulty state .
And Flipkart is now saying that we get replaced within 7 dayes according to their policy and I did the return request very next days . they are cheating the customer by simply sitting quite and I am getting frustated by doing follup with Intex service center and Flipkart from past 1 month with no solution

First of all I should not be getting Faulty mobile and in case I received the Faulty mobile and I reported the Fault on time, they should replace it as per their policy. Instead of that Flipkart is making me to go to service center and following up with them , which I still did and Intex service center is directly saying this can not fixed . I don’t understand that why am I involed in there repair process when I ordered the new mobile phone not the second hand . I have only one option left to get the solution is from consumer forum.

Please find the invoice of the mobile in attachment and kindly let me know if you need any other document.

monika parkar
Krishna Nagar, Raipur 492001, Chattisgarh

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