Complaint regarding defective products from Ezmall

Complaint regarding defective products from Ezmall

I ordered a stainless steel casrole and flask set from Ezmall looking at their TV commercial on Zee news as a gift to my mother. After recieving the product I see it is utter waster of money and thrash delivered to my door step which is of plastic and has cracks and scratches all over. On calling them for refund they mentioned they will not take bank details on email (as the mode of payment ws cash) this is how their faudulent pratice starts-
1. They take the bank accountholder name and ifsc on call
2. For account number they put a fake ivr and ask yo type the number so it gets captured
3. They then tell you there is a technical issue and account number ws not captured
4. They raise a technical issue request and vanish forever

They have no intention to return my hard earned money and that is very evident. The onus is also on Zee news where they encourage such fraudulent practices. I have not been left with any means to contact them as they do no respond on emails anymore, and on phone they give me the same reason.

Could youplease guide. I will be grateful

Mumbai 400080, Maharashtra

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