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Complaint regarding fake data entry job offers

Last Month(Feb 2018), i have joined data entry job by paying Rs.900/-(which is refundable with first salary as agreed) as registration fee(paid through Paytm num 9xxxx8). He introduced himself as Mr.Gxxxn(I don’t know it is fake or not, his num is 8xxxxx3) and the company name is Fingerssoft Infotech. At time of joining he informed me there is no any charges additional to be paid by me.

But after submitting the work Mr.Sxxxxr Gxxxxxg ( I don’t know his name is fake or real, but he indroduced himself like that & his num is 9xxxxxxx9) from their accounts department asked me to pay Rs.3000/-(which is refundable with my first salary as agreed) as quality checking fee & Mr.Gxxxn also supported that. Then we have paid the same through Paytm. After their quality check they have provided the results also. They told me that i am eligible for the salary, but i need to pay Rs.3500/- again as a taxation fee which is refundable with my first salary. I denied to pay that. But they have forwarded me their company registration certificate & other details.Later i have transfered Rs.3500/- through Paytm.

But after that they are not transfering my salary.They are saying some fake excuses when i am asking. They are using so many numbers for contacting and for Paytm also.

Here I am attaching all the details relating to this scam including the text messages. Now they are having my Rs.7500/- also apart from my salary(Total Rs.15,400/-)

Gopika Manikandan
Cochin, Ernakulam 682041, Kerala


    • sabareesh on 22/05/2018 at 4:53 pm

    hi madam,
    i am also a victim of this fraud. i paid the registration fees(900) and the quality check fees(3000). but i refused to pay the tax. i am still contacting them to pay me my salary. the only difference from your case is the company is different. there will be so many victims like us. we should give file complaint against these fraud activities. it will be more powerful if we all complaint against them together. i am from Thrissur. if you need any assistance please dont hesitate to ask.

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