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Complaint regarding fake data entry jobs

I have joined data entry job by paying Rs. 1199/- as Data Security charge for the Plan A through NEFT from my ICICI Bank A/c to Mr. Sxxxxy Cxxxxxxxn, on dated 3rd July 2018.

I have received the work on 3rd July 2018. I have submitted the completed work on 10th July 2018 to their Email ID. All the communcations are done from this Email ID –[@] After that I have received email from them that I need to pay Submit File Charge Rs. 8999/- which is refundable alongwith salary. After paying this amount, they will credit my salary+File Charge+Application Fee. So I made the payment to them and emailed them the receipt. But after that again, I received email that I need to pay GST Charges – Rs. 15985/- which is refundable. I called them on their mobile #72xxxxxxxx6, and asked them that how many charges they are telling to pay and their representative told me that this will be the last charge and after paying this only they will release my salary and plus all the refundable charges. So I agreed to pay them the next day, i.e. on 11th May 2018 morning. But to my shock, I received one more email that I need to pay one more charge, i.e. Sign-up Charge – Rs. 35,985 which is refundable. I called them on their another mobile #6xxxxxx1 that what’s going on, why I need to pay so many charges to get the salary, their representative Jxxxxxxi Sxxxh told me that these are hidden charges and need to be paid before getting the first salary and all these charges paid are refundable with the first salary. I told her that I do not have much money to pay and told her to credit the amount whichever I have paid them along with the salary. She told me and assured me that this is the last charge (Sign-Up Charge), after paying this, I will get my money credited in my bank a/c within an hour. She also sent me separate email that this will be the last charge. So I agreed to pay as I do not have the option and told them to give me some time to arrange the money for the payment. The next day, i.e. 12th July 2018 at 1.30 pm, I paid the Sign-Up Charge amount and emailed them the details. After the payment, I called them on their another Mobile # 63xxxxxxxx1, to inform that I have made the payment and emailed the details, the respresentative told me that the total amount will be credited to my bank a/c by 4 pm. I waited till 5 pm but nothing was credited to my bank a/c nor did I receive any reply on my email. I called them around @5 pm and both of the Mobile No. were busy, so I got concerned then I emailed them to get the answer why they have not still credited the amount to my bank a/c but no reply from them. I am continuously trying to reach them on email and on mobile but no reply.

Please help me to get my total amount back.

I am attaching all the payment receipts and email conversations with them.

Supriya Borhade
Dombivali West, Thane 421202, Maharashtra

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    • Devika P R on 17/08/2021 at 12:06 pm

    Same type of incident happened to me ,I lost 14, 500 . They are a group of people who are expert in scamming others , we can’t do anything rather than complaining to police.

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