Complaint regarding fake form filling job offers
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Complaint regarding fake form filling job offers

I opted a form filling job which I got through online mode they didn’t take any initial registration charge got me agreement signed and now they are asking to pay 7k if the accuracy has not been achieved 90% .
They are waring me to take to coat and all that.
It’s a Rajasthan based company Workbased. In Degana, Rajasthan PIN:- 341503

Bengaluru 560078, Karnataka


    • Priya on 27/06/2022 at 11:40 am

    Did they took action against that company? Actually I have the same issue, I’m searching whether to complain or I’m wrong in all these …can u sis help me

    • dimple on 06/04/2023 at 12:41 am

    i got a message on whatsapp saying they provide WFH jobs of form filling 200 forms in 6 days after they sended me an agreement which i signed unfortunately later i got clicked that they had mentioned in the agreement that if we dont complete the form filling in 6 days we have to pay fine of 3400 and if we wanna quit we have to pay 7000 so i called them and said i dont want to do it with the risk of not completing it and paying the fine but since i signed the agreement they were harassing me to do the work i confronted them with their company name and all but all the info they gave was weird and when i asked her the owner name it was different and the contract had a different name they even took my pan card details later when i reallized it was fruad i blocked them everywhere and move on rather than getting scared of their threathnings

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