Complaint regarding fake job offers and demand for money
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Complaint regarding fake job offers and demand for money

On Jan 8th 2021 I got call from Staple Enterprise. For registration they asked me to send my ID proof And then i got a mail from them which contain a digitally generated agreement form. They generated this agreement without specifying terms and conditions, i came to know about it only after i received the agreement. And i was told that i have to complete 700 forms in 7 days. I was given a user id and password to login to the website which contained 700 forms. And i completed and submitted the work by jan 15 2021. But after completing 700 forms i got a call from the executive that my QC report is failed. Actually i had downloaded my completed work data before submitting for backup and after qc report again I downloaded the data ghe before data and after are different. Those people logged into my account and changed the forms with spacing gaps.
Now the lawyer is sending me text messages, email to pay a penalty amount of 4700 + 3000. And if i have deny for that they will file a legal case against me and i will be penalised. I am housewife of a common man. I cant pay that huge amount.
Today i got an email from an advocate S.B.Dxxxxh and asking me to pay money within 48 hours.
So, it is a humble request. Please look in to this matter and help me against this frauds.

Details of the fraud company is given below.
Company Name: Staple Enterprise
OFFICE ADDRESS : Near Sattadhar Cross Rd, Ghatlodiya, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380061

Paradeep 754142, Odisha

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    • Suraj on 22/01/2021 at 2:57 pm

    Same happened to me they have changed spacing gaps and asked them about that they said it is my mistake and I have paid 21000 and now they are telling me I have to visit Gujarat to sign and then I will get NOC and I have said I can’t come to Gujarat. I asked for digital signature and they said per signature it is 3000 and I have to sign 6 signature which is 18000. They are saying digital signature is government charges and they can’t do anything about it. They sent notice that I didn’t pay NOC fees and they are saying legal notice will be sent to my address.

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