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Complaint regarding faulty Acquaguard Classic Plus Water Purifier

I recently purchased a Dr. Acquaguard Classic Plus Water Purifier. It was installed in my home on June 4th 2018, by technician Jxxxxa from their Goregaon West, Mumbai Office. After fitting the machine, when the technician switched on the machine, it was not working.

As a result he opened up the whole machine and checked its mother board. After working with machine for 15 minutes, it started working. The technician left. The next day when we switched on the machine, it was again not working. No filtered water was comping out of it and the machine was continuously beeping.

After complaining to Mr. Sxxxxn Dxxxxxe (sales incharge of Goregaon West office), the same technician Jxxxxxxxa again visited my home, that very day i.e. June 5 2018. He discovered that the machine had again malfunctioned and stopped working.

Since filtered water is such a critical daily requirement in every home, I asked Jxxxxxxa to uninstall the faulty Acquaguard Classic Plus Machine and reinstall my old Acquaguard. This he did.

Since I had completely lost faith on the reliability of the Dr. Acquaguard Classic Plus Model, and its ability to function smoothly, I requested Mr. Sxxxxxn Dxxxxxxe to take back this malfunctioning machine and give me the Dr. Acquaguard Compact Model (which is similar to my old machine, and which I know to be very sturdy model. He assured me that I will receive a new Dr. Acquaguard Compact Model and the faulty Dr. Acquaguard Classic Plus Model will be taken back by them.

However I am yet to receive this replacement that I asked for. Both models have the same price. Instead I have been receiving harrasing calls from Acquaguard sales office forcing me to accept the faulty Classic plus model. They even sent a technician to my house (the third time) who again tinkered with the machine and got it working (for the moment). This Acquaguard is claiming is proof the machine is working fine.

They have failed to consider my initial complaint that their machine has been malfunctioning in its operations from day 1, as has been confirmed by their technician Jxxxxa on 2 occasions. How can they expect me to trust a water filter machine that has to be repeatedly fixed, again and again, that too from the very start of its operation.

I am really shocked at the extent of collusion of the Acquaguard technical and sales teams as well as their deliberate harassment to make sure that I do not get a replacement for the malfunctioning Acquaguard machine. They are both colluding to prevent me from exchanging my non working classic plus filter product for a better and sturdy Dr. Acquaguard Compact product. That too when both products are at the same price as expressed on their own website.

Pulkit Mathur
Goregaon W, Mumbai 400062, Maharashtra

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