Complaint regarding Indigo6E Flight refund due to COVID19

I booked my flight tickets with Indigo on 1st of March for flying to and from Delhi and Coimbatore on 25th March and 30th March 2020. Due to COVID 19 spread the program I was supposed to attend got cancelled because of government regulations.

After this happened, i had to cancel my flight tickets or reschedule but due to no further notification from the program officials i could not book the tickets for a date in future.

As per Indigo’s guidelines, you could only reschedule the flights booked before 8th of March for free for the flight dates before 30th of March. And the rescheduling was supposed to be done 3 days prior to the flight date which in my case is 25th March.

I started calling indigo customer care in order to get a resolution that i could reschedule the flight for free post 30th of march since i do not know when the program will be scheduled. I even asked for a cancellation fee waiver but did not get any resolution on that.

I called the customer care several times, since some of my friends got a credit to be used later in place of their flight tickets, i asked for the same. But the customer care informed that nothing could be done.

There is a chat service for indigo, the link to which is provided once you drop a mail to I tried connecting to it but after sitting and waiting on the chat window for 7-8 hours i got no response.

I kept on checking daily for a week with the Indigo customer care for a refund or a credit note to be used later but did not get any resolution.

Hence, 2 days before my flight date that is on 23rd March 2020 i cancelled the flight tickets to get some refund. And the next day indigo announces that everyone will be able to cancel the flights for free.

I request you to help me get the full amount as refund since Indigo did not respond to my queries properly and now they are providing a refund to everyone so they should refund the cancellation free that they deducted from me

Namrata Bhatia
Faridabad 121001, Haryana

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