Complaint regarding non-delivery by comicstore

Complaint regarding non-delivery by comicstore

I ordered a 5.7K wooden mosaic from The Comic Store website ( on 7th April 2021. I paid the amount online and received a confirmation email also from them. That time they told me it may take max 1 month. After 1 month i tried calling them on 14th May 2021 but to my surprise their customer care number can’t be called and they only repond on whatsapp so i tried messaging them on whatsapp they told me it take 2-3 months for this order which i don’t know why so long you get the big furnitures like bed, sofa in few weeks and this was just a wooden painting, this was my firt clue of getting fraud but nonetheless i waited as per their response. I again messaged them after more than a month on 26th June and they told me due to covid they need more time. I again trusted them and the current situation and waited to 3 more months. I again messaged them on 3rd August 2021 on their WA number but this time nobody responded. Then i tried to message them on their instagram account( but their also they ghosted me and not replied. I have also tried emailing them and till now no reply from them. They clearly seems doing big fraud they are taking the money from people and not delievering the product. I also did a little bit of my own research and found similar pictures shown on their website on some other ecommerce website where price was 4-5 times what is being shown in, which clearly shows they don’t have any product of their own using somebody else product image and showing on their website and looting people. I demand my full refund & compensation for mental torture and of their ill intentions for doing fraud. I see similar instance with few other people also. Please take strong action against them and stop the website.

Bangalore 560035, Karnataka

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