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Complaint regarding non-delivery by Flipkart vendor

I have placed 4 orders on 06 Aug worth INR 877/-, with delivery dates on 14th-17 Aug . But Flipkart has failed to deliver even a single order , and then cancelled without any confirmation from my end!! This was pre-paid order and it contained birthday gift!! Worst part there was not even single attempt to deliver the product and Flipkart claiming that they were unable to deliver due to logistics !! Flipkart customer support is not available on call, Flipkart is refusing to deliver the product why did they accept in the first place?? Now they have increased the price to twice the amount!! Why should i pay extra when i had brought same product for lower price?? I was made to wait for more than 26 days and then order was cancelled. Flipkart is doing such cheat on purpose so that customers are forced to place new orders at higher cost!! This is not the first time not delivering product by Flipkart. Flipkart support team refuse to respond to my simple query if any attempt to delivery was made, why should Flipkart be allowed to continue such malpractice and illegal means to make money?
Also, i am seeing only Chinese brand phones on Flipkart home page when i login to my account, I don’t wish to purchase nor want to know about any chinese brands not only mobile phones!I have objection to such Ads !! There is no place of origin or manufacture stated on product description and Flipkart is misleading customers by saying its manufactured in India. I request to stop any further Sales from Flipkart as they are cheating customers big time , not delivering products on time, but cancel n force customers to place new order!!

Netheen c
Bangalore 583132, Karnataka

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