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Complaint regarding OYO Room booking Goof Up

We booked OYO rooms and faced the poorest experience & service ever. We booked twice for the same dates.
1st Booking- The person canceled the booking saying less than 2 nights he will not entertain( Later we got the money back)
2nd Booking-For 10-11th Feb’18 For Pondicherry ( My husband, brother & husband’s friend).
While reaching the place, we were surprised to know that there was no booking there with our name. After checking with Yatra & OYO & ranting about it for 2 hours, they accepted their fault and said they can only give the money back and there is no room available in the entire city
We searched and found out that few rooms were available but with different prizes. We contacted OYO and asked them to help. After fighting & requesting, they issued one but that was a nightmare.

We booked a hotel, due to these issues we were next given an independent house and turned out to be 2 servant rooms on a rooftop. Pictures were not same as shown in the site. washrooms, mugs, Buckets were not cleaned. 1 room did not have curtain, one mug was broken. TV was not working, No fridge was given even after requesting, No wi-fi, breakfast, water.

We again asked OYO to change. OYO representative first pretended that he is trying, then asked us to wait at the lobby & later tried threatened us that its a police case since I am alone with three guys. We were not afraid and then released that it’s a hoax so that we take our request back.

My question- why our IDs were not checked if in doubt, what was the level of security on 1st and ground floor in that case.
After all that goofup, was it not their responsibility to help us in a different city.
Worst experience ever!

Shivani Dhuliya
Nandambakkam, Chennai 600089, Tamil Nadu

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