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Complaint regarding refund from Nestaway

I have paid INR 8, 500 (March rent) and INR 17, 000 (Security Deposit) and INR 4, 500 as one time Nestaway fees. I am claiming a refund of all the amounts except for the 2 days for which I stayed. The reasons have been mentioned below, indicative of the unprofessional service provided by Nestaway. Nestaway is withholding my refund and there is no one I can reach out to.

To get started,

I went to check the flat on 23rd February. The flat was good but many things were not in place. A few of them include no curtains, no beds, house was full of dust, kitchen required deep cleaning. The sofa set had so much dust on it that if anyone would sit on it, their back clothes would become black and dirty. I am saying this because I experienced it that day. However, I was assured that everything would be in place within a week. I made the payment on 25th February believing this.

The room which I had booked didn’t have a washroom attached to it. The understanding is other flatmates will use their washrooms and my roommate and myself will use ours.

On the day of my move in, 1st March, the basic requirement of curtains was also not in place and from one of my roommates I got to know that the house was still that dirty. It took 12 days just to get curtains in place. Hence, I moved in on 15th March.

First day of my move-in, I get to know the washing machine and drier are not working. There is an oil leakage when switched on. The kitchen has insects all over the platform & inside the drawers and no deep cleaning has been done. The sink in the kitchen is not working and water gets choked up. The foremost requirement for a healthy living is a hygienic kitchen. The main door is so vulnerable that anyone can easily breakin. I was so skeptical to sit on my bed as it was so weak and could just collapse any moment. My cupboard was tilted one side and could fall by a small push. The images of the same were shared with the area manager.

For all these issues, the flatmates and myself were trying to get in touch with customer care agents. It was taking so long to get small issues fixed. I will be honest, they wanted us to give a thumbs up and close the tickets without resolving the issue. I have received phone calls stating that the issue has been resolved. And when I when I went to flat, I get to know no one even visited the flat.

There were two flat mates who moved in on 17th March. First of all, two people were allowed to stay in a room that could accommodate only one person. They used my washroom stating that their washroom was not in place. It seems that Nestaway does not perform any validation checks before the house goes live for booking. I could not tolerate this and left the house that night.

The things mentioned above have been discussed with customer care agents so many times, yet no positive response. Till date I have stayed there for 2 days, being totally uncomfortable. First lockdown due to coronavirus happened on 22nd March. Prior to that, everything could be easily looked into and resolved. I paid rent for the entire month of March whereas couldn’t stay for more than 2 days due to the condition of the flat. Being a customer, I genuinely felt betrayed as there was no one to respond to my concerns.

Nestaway has received 2-month security deposit, one time Nestaway fees and one month’s rent (March). Also in my login dashboard I was constantly charged rent for the month of April, May and June. I was trying very hard since the month of April 2020 to exit the house. Nestaway’s website had blocked that option.

Finally, in the 2nd week of June, after never ending requests and follow ups, I succeeded in with getting the dashboard cleared for the rent outstanding. As per company policy, the security deposit will be refunded within 7 working days from the move out. Now when I try to reach out to the customer care agents at Nestaway, the response I get is “This will be looked by Finance team and we can not do anything from our end. Neither can we initiate a mail chain adding participants from the accounts/ finance team.”

I have paid INR 8, 500 (March rent) and INR 17, 000 (Security Deposit) and INR 4, 500 as one time Nestaway fees. Ideally I should be receiving a refund of all the amounts except the 2 days for which I stayed because I am moving out due to the unprofessional service provided by Nestaway. Nestaway is withholding my refund and there is no one I can reach out to

Mumbai 400058, Maharashtra

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