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Complaint regarding SIM reactivation by Vodafone

With respect i want to state that i have a vodafone sim of kolkata circle which now deactivated. I am a student of Chartered Accountants. I am in CA FINAL right now  and my exams are due on 27th may,19. I read in kolkata by staying in hostel and i am permanent from “Dhanbad”
I had applied for first time for reactivation on 2nd april on email id “vodafonecare.kol[@]”
Thereafter certain mails had sent and received. Also representatives have called me .

1.On telephonic discussion with him,he told i can reactivate it in the name of my father and mother by dhanbad too.. and he told me to wait for 3 days in which he will provide the further feedback.

2.When no feedback came, i again mailed. Then another representative called me and told first representative had given wrong information,i can reactivate it by home circle only i.e. from kolkata only. Then he told me about 56 days and 90 days facility in which they can reserve the sim for maximum 90 days for mine. And he also told that he will provide the feedback… and thereafter  1 or 2 days mail came that i have to reactivate it by home circle only but didn’t mentioned the period or surety for days. (Also i provided him my personal  deatails regarding exams that iw ould able to go kolkata after 11th june , as i am in dhanbad for exam purpose.
3. Again i mailed and then another representative had mailed me and told they had forwarded the issue to concerned team and they will provide with early feedback . Then mail came that i can reactivate it by prepaid tariff and then by dialing toll free no. Thereafter, just after 2 hrs. Mail came regarding ignore the previous mail that was typographical mistake. And they are looking the issue with utmost priority and revert to me at earliest. Since then nothing had happened.

4. Also i had messaged them on twitter and they are just sending the auto messages like “they are working on it” or “they will call soon” etc.

It took me several days from 2nd april. Since now there is no conclusions reached. They are just harassing so that i dont able to focus on other things.

Hope so our consumer forum will redress my grievances as early as possible and if possible impose penalty to vodafone and provide the compensations and  they  will redress my issues with utmost priority.

Enclosing a emails dates of several mailing discussions

Anuj Sharma
Dhanbad/jharia 828111, Jharkhand

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