Complaint regarding tampered meter reading on Maruti Ertiga

I have purchased a second hand car ( Maruti Ertiga ) from a car dealer in Borivali, Mumbai. During the purchase of the car the distance travelled was showing 50,000 km. Without checking much and based on trust I purchased the car at Rs. 5,70,000 by paying to the dealer. After 2 months, a lot of problem appeared in the car and I have taken it to an Maruti authorized service center where I came to know that the meter was tempered and has already run more than 1,50,000 km . I contacted the owner for this cheat and fraud meter reading and asked for returning my money and take back the car. But they are refusing.They have not given my transfer paper also. I am following them for last 1 month without any result. Please assist to resolve and help me to return my money back.

Kharghar 410210, Maharashtra

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