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Complaint regarding wedding services from and oyo

This is to request you kindly go through all the below details: We have booked our wedding event with weddingz .in ,

They cleared us every thing for hotel  booking , decorarion , payment procedure , service (archestra , oyo team , rooms ,room size hall gusest occupation, water supply etc)provided by weddingz at event , cleaniness, staff,  and all. He has ensured  all things about oyo and weddingz best service and on the basis of his words or as to consider him as oyo represenrative we accept all the things and paid our first amount as booking Rs. 47000/-  with weddingz .

Latter on  they asked about other event services like photography , entry, 24function (mahila sangeet seprately) , band ,other decorations which is provided by oyo or  weddingz and again we accept all things as he is representing all on behalf of oyo and again we subscribed for other things like photography, event, band and 24function of maheela sangeet.(With different differnt amount pfa of all).

On my very special event i was accepting  very much cordination from oyo team as i have choosen oyo over all the other big vendors but as result i have found only dissatisfaction  till the end and so much discrpency in all events .

Pxxxxxxxxxxxxt  has completley lied and made my big  event drastic  and seriously spoiled all the things intentionally as we trusted on them on behalf of oyo and we trust oyo but  oyo  ( given us so much dissatisfaction . While oyo is known for trust and customer satisfaction but all the things has became that much drastic which i cant explain in only  words here. All the things like 23rd photography,24th function maheela sangeet , 25full event has spoiled like hell.

I will request you to kindly go through all below pointers of all event diacrepency .

1.first of all they people didnt provide any account for any payment while we asked them for the same but all the payment they are forcing us to make in their  personal account.
2.  23rd photography was skipped by photographer we informed them about time at sharp12.00pm they arrived at 5pm.

3. at 24th whenwe  reached at venue for our maheela sangeer there was no preparation done by team ,only dj stageet was ready.

4. on 24 Comitments of room alotment was completely  wrong  there was no service for rooms and all like -water supply,extra bed, cleniness ( we have done by ourself).no decoratio were there as per privous  comited  by your representative. onlh sangeer stange and dj only availabe

5. Led screen was not working properly. comited for smoke as decoration on stage were not there.

6.the most drastic thing about your vendors for payment collection is that they people has sent their persons at my wife’s home at  mid night while i have deposited remaining paymnet already at 6pm arround .
they were contineously calling her for cash payment collection from ujjain .as well they collectes extra payment from her . which was ompletly harasing and this kind of activity is not accepted by a reputated organization.
pfa of chat.

7.At 25th feb which was main event for me they made it more dramtic as the ghodi has left the barat in mid. without informing it was another embarasing movement for me

8. decoration 25th was completly different form comited decoration , room service  were not there , ground was not clear , water supply were too late , staff were not there , entry was different . entire decoration has changed, band has changes, mundap facility were not there as comited  we have arranged the same at 1pm mid night.

9. stand for photographer not there hence not able to proper shoot so that my money wasted
10.  Photographer was trying to make the things properly but they didnt provide any facility for any thing.

Above are the points which i could able to share with you still so many mismanagement and dissatiafaction i faced in my entire weeding by oyo  which i didnt accept by Oyo  or . oyo’s person were not there for  guiding any thing in my entire event .

This is my humble request to you kindly look in to it on priority and take it on higher level as i am again trusing on you for the resolution . other wise i have to go on another lavel .

my entire wedding as this was not a joke but  they people has made complete joke of my big event. and spoiled every thing i have faced so many tension and headache.

Payment details which is done by me attached in mail
Requesting you to plase take it seriouslly

Vadodra 390025, Gujarat

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