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Defective phone received from Amazon, no replacement given

I had ordered oneplus 6 on 10th October,2018, received it on 12th October and the phone was defective, it just became dead after 10days. I raised a replacement request on the 10th day as Amazon provides 10days replacement policy. I called then the customer representative said technician visit will happen in a couple of days and post that they can initiate replacement, as I dont have a spare phone and I had bought this phone on exchange I requested them to do it earlier and they said ok sir please wait for a day for the technician to contact you, if not call us tomorrow we will order a replacement for you, since then I am continuously calling them but neither the technician came nor the phone.
Everytime they tell me when you see the product is available in stock call us we will order replacement when I do that they either tell me they are not able to order, have raise a request with technical team they will do the needful, wait for 48hrs or they say we are not eligible to order such costly product, I had a fight with them as for me they are amazon people I cant call the CEO to place my order, after that they said ok wait for sometime, I will talk to concerned team and after a long long hold, she tol me wait for sometime, I will get an update for my phone replacement, still nothing has happened.
This is extremely unprofessional. We buy product online for our comfort but this has caused me major discomfort mentally.
If anybody reads this, please its a request replace my product I have paid 35k for this and I need my phone. I dont understand why cant amazon people check with their vendor and order a replacement for me. We buy from those vendor on the trust of Amazon but this doesnt seem that way. I am deeply saddened by this. I need my phone I ordered or my phone I replaced.

Amit Kumar
Bellandur, Bangalore 560035, Karnataka

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