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Displeasure of watching movie at Vetri Cinemas, Chromepet, Chennai

I came to watch the movie “Joker” at Vetri Cinemas at Chromepet, Chennai. The movie was hotly anticipated and I must say that I didn’t enjoy the movie at all because of its horrible aspect ratio, The point of displeasure was the fact I had to watch the movie in a cropped resolution, also I had a terrible experience with their 3d glasses and with their 3d effects for a movie known as Justice League a couple of year ago. Never mind!

BTW when I went to complaint this issue to the management, one of the individual there said it’s either The WB (production house) nor The Director-Todd Phillips’s fault, and the theater don’t hold any responsibilities (Your smirking right? ) Anyways for his grisly safeguard he expressed that every single cinemas / theater in Chennai does this! Yet, I don’t believe that PVR-Films and some other great theaters may concur with it.

PS-Well next time if any of my Friends or Family head out to watch a Hollywood motion picture on Vetri Cine, well I’ll drag them out of there…

I hope you will consider the complaint. Please give prompt resolution so that other people may not face the same problem.

Much obliged.

Shyam Kishore
Chennai 600075, Tamil Nadu
Email: sxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com

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