Extremely Inferior Quality Sofa from Evok Store

I had purchased a sofa from Evok Store at Shipra Mall in Indirapuram to be delivered on 19th October 2018. I bought this sofa when the company was running an offer.

Within one week of delivery of the sofa, defects started to appear. Sofa started to sag, wrinkles appear on the front side (as seen in the attachment).

I first alerted the company on 1st November about the faults in the sofa. I visited the store and after much pestering, a company representative came to my house to inspect the sofa and offered to stitch it up at all the places that had started to sag. I was not okay with stitching up a 12 day old sofa. It just is not a practical solution. It also made me wonder if a 12 day old sofa needed stitching then what would it need after a few months?

I requested constantly for a replacement or a credit note. I wrote multiple mails to the company but I just got an auto-generated response and nothing else.

I am a senior citizen and not in a condition to handle this physical and mental trauma. Evok does not seem to be bothered about my problem. After much effort, I am finally resorting to this forum. I am also attaching screen shots of my mails.

Manju Jha
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad 201010, Uttar Pradesh
Email: dxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com

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