Fake sale by an instagram page thrift_ritz_closet

Fake sale by an instagram page thrift_ritz_closet

I ordered a product from an instagram small business thrift_ritz_closet
I was receiving quick and proper replies before the placement of the order and after the payment of 350/- was made my me, she told me that the product would be shipped in a day or two and that i would receive a tracking id. however, she made no contact and started ignoring my texts. this product was ordered on 24th of February and it has not been delivered. now, in place of her profile, i see a “instagram user”, which could possibly mean that i am either blocked by the account or the account is deactivated or deleted, leaving me no option to communicate to the seller and establishing that i have infact been scammed. I have no option. I have lost my 350/- which mean a lot to me as i am a student and depend upon my parents. I am not rich and would like the consumer forum to bring me justice and compensate for my loss.
facts which may be essential:
the payment was of 350/-. it was made by paytm on 24th Feb to the account with the number 74xxxxx1 and the name visible was Rxxxxa Bxxxxe. It was made from my paytm account with the number 8xxxxxx7

Nagpur 441108, Maharashtra
Email: pxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com

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