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Fraud sales by Sanzkriti_boutique over instagram

Would you guys agree that if i paid for something that i expect it to be delivered on the guaranteed date, and if they are unable to do that then don’t i deserve a refund?? So on Instagram theres this designer handle – Sanzkriti_boutique or her second handle rishasundriyalofficial, i inquired for a lehenga she told me the price and the date of deliver is oct 22. I pay her half the money (which is 9000rs- not cheap!). On the 21st i ask her an update and she says theres a delay, so I informed i will fly out of the country on the 25th early morning, need it by 24th at which points she agrees and guarantees. Today again i had to message her and she says not possible if you want it i will ship it out of the country but thats your responsibility to pay for not mine. And then the lady chooses to blame me that this is all my fault?!?! are you serious. i urge you all don’t spend your money on online cheaters and scammers like this. I will be proceeding legally on this matter but unfortunately the lady wont give me her address of business. If anyone knows anything about this woman or has any information that could help, that would be greateful.

Neelima Kurup
Bengaluru 560094, Karnataka

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