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Issue regarding Airtel billing after plan change

I have two nos. 7xxxxxxxx1 and 7xxxxxxxx6 initially 7xxxxxxxx6 was enrolled as parent( Plan 499) and 7xxxxxxxx1 was enrolled as child no.(n plan 299) in family plan offered by AIRTEL. After one month of usage I requested to change the authorisation i. e. I requested to make 7xxxxxxxx1 as parent no. (Plan 499) and 7xxxxxxx6 as child no. ( plan 299). During this period my bill should not increase than 499+299+ Taxes, however billed amount is more than this. I have reported the issue to customer care during conversations customer care of AIRTEL accepted that it is wrong and bill will be corrected with in 72 hrs. but till date it has not been corrected till now.

Tarsem Singh
Manak Nagar, Lucknow 226011, Uttar Pradesh

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