Low quality gold by Seller, not refunding or exchanging
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Low quality gold by Seller, not refunding or exchanging

I orderd 14450 rupee product from jai shree NX jewellers delhi. they deliverd 7920 rupee product low quality and many pieces are damaged in ring box. when i contacted them they miss behaved with me on whatsapp call that they don’t sent damaged product and sent me same video twice on whatsapp. then i contected to main branch of the store they said this is rush timing may be because of that manager has miss behaved i agreed and talked politley then also and ask them to refund or return then worker picked up my call on whatsaapp and said manager is not in the store when he will come i’ll call you i waited entire day and next day again called worker again picked up whatsapp call said same thing and i discussed my problem with him he said we can’t take damge product i said ok don’t take product which are damage return other low quality product then the worker start miss behaving with me that we won’t return or refund do what ever you want to do we are not scared of anyone then disconnected the call.

Varanasi 221010, Uttar Pradesh
Email: pxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com

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