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Misleading restaurant information by Food Panda

I have ordered food in “Food Panda” order No. v7xm-7vx3 dated “10th Nov’17”. at around 8.53 PM. Food panda have received the order successfully and suddenly after around while we are waiting for the food, they delivered a message in my mobile that the order is cancelled. Reasons however was not mentioned in the message. So I chatted with the customer care of Food Panda to know the exact reason of the cancellation. One of there representative informed that they tried to call me, but I was not reachable over phone so they cancelled the order. But when I charged them asking that I was very much reachable over phone and when tell them that if I was not reachable, then how can I receive the cancellation message of the order in my same number, one of there other representative gave a complete different reason that the restaurant was not under the delivery coverage area. So I told them that if that is the case then why they have taken the order in the beginning, where in the site of the Food Panda, I have mentioned my address clearly for the delivery. That time another of there representative mentioned that there is some technical issue, because of which it happened. So It is clear from the whole conversation that the issue was not with my phone number, but with the technical issues from Food Panda. So they are trying to put their fault on my shoulder and escape from the scene. Now again when I called “Punjabi Kitchen” directly, the restaurant informed me that they do not have any tie up with Food Panda. They have the tie up with Zomato. If that is the real story then, I have few question to Food Panda: –

1) Why you have shown “Punjabi Kitchen” in your website window, if you do not have any tie ups. resulting in misleading the people.

2) As you have mentioned to me that the restaurant is not in cover area, why you have taken the order in the beginning, while I put my locality address while checking out and also you send me a confirmation message that the order is received successfully.

3) In order to hide your fault, why you have given lame excuses by putting the gun on my shoulder that since I am not reachable over phone, so the order is cancelled,

4) What will happen to my valuable time wasted out in the terrific experience, with Food Panda. Also I have to spend the whole night in fasting since I am not able to get the order delivered and I was not able to order from other places since all the nearby shops were closed that time.

Proof attached below:

1) Chat conversation screenshot, where they were trying to put blame on me. Ultimately it was proved as there fault.

2) Message screenshot of confirmation from ‘Punjabi Kitchens” from Food Panda.

3) Website screenshot of Food Panda where it is clearly showing that “Punjabi Kitchen” is listed in there site.

Debjyoti Ghosh
Hopefarm, Bangalore 560066
Email: dxxxxxxxxx8@yahoo.com

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