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New lenovo k5 note from Flipkart not working in vibration mode

I am facing an ongoing issue with the product which I purchased from Flipkart which is a lenovo k5 note phone and the issue is that the vibration mode on that phone is not working. First off all I requested for a replacement but I received a message in which it was mentioned that they will first send a technician to check the phone and later if the technician can confirm they will do the replacement. The technician who was aligned to visit did not turn up on the day he Called and confirmed the visiting timings I called him several time but he did not answer my call. Then the next day I raised a complaint about this after calling the customer care and they arranged the tech visit the tech was here on 16 of June in the evening and he checked my phone and found that the vibration mode is really not working he filled a form and told me that you will receive a replacement phone in next 24 hours. In just few hours I received a message that the complaint was cancelled because customer was not available at home and call customer care for reschedule of the appointment. I called customer support and spoke to yxxxxh in Madhya Pradesh location he stated that he is a manager I made him speak to the technician to make sure that he visited to my place then why the new request needs to be raised he disconnected my call when it took more then 2 hours with him provided no resolution on this issue. I am really upset and disappointed with the service I got from Flipkart I just want this product replacement and in future I will never do any shopping from Flipkart they have a very bad customer service.

Angad Singh
New Delhi 110018
Email: / 16/06/2017 / 9:51 pm

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