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Product not delivered by Amazon

I placed an order for a mobile phone Motorola moto g5 plus fine gold 32gb and along with it also firetalk moto g5 plus 0.3 mm flexible tempered glass screen protector on 14th October 2017 on online shopping company. I paid them via internet using my debit card. total payment done 13,248 rupees. they notified me that I will get my product by 20th October. on 18th October 2017 they delivered me the screen protector. but phone was not delivered to me by 20th October after which I called there customer care on 21st October night. they assured me that sir please give us 48 hours we will deliver you phone. even after 48 hours when the phone was not delivered I called them again then they said sir please give us one more day by 24th October afternoon you will get your phone delivered. even by the evening of 24th the phone was delivered to me then I called them back then they said sir we are sorry but we wont be able to deliver your phone and we will refund. when I asked by when will I get my money they said nothing. in the meantime amazon massaged me on two occasions that is on 16th October and on 24th October that the delivery boy is out for delivery and your phone will be delivered today. my complaint is that what took them 10 days to inform me that my phone can not be delivered. they could have told me earlier. the losses harassment and time wasted due to this whole issue has been immense to me. I am a doctor and have to deal and remain in touch with my patients 24*7. they every time delivered false information to me and kept on assuring me and delayed the whole issue. secondly, my hard earned money is still in there account I am not able to buy another phone because of it. its a mobile phone and not a toy and I have faced many losses due to this delay. they have given me the screen protector and are not taking it back and refunding it. what will I do with the screen protector if I don’t have the phone in first place. I don’t want the screen protector and want them to refund the whole amount to me.

Sher Bahadur Singh

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