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Cancellation of ticket by Spicejet – Rs.5,000/-:

Cancellation of ticket by Spicejet – Rs.5,000/-:

Ms. Nidhi Mishra, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh had bought round-trip ticket on Mangalore-Delhi-Mangalore sector for two passengers. The ticket was later split due to change in one of the passengers. There was no change in Ms. Mishra’s journey date but she was surprised to find her ticket had been postponed to a later date by Spicejet. She was not allowed to board the flight on the scheduled date. She had to incur extra expenses due to the sudden development for no fault of hers and she finally borded the flight on the postponed date. She asked Spicejet for refund for wrongfully postponing the ticket date. She posted her complaint with ICF on 12-03-2013 and ICF took up the matter with Spicejet. Finally the passenger and the airlines came to an understanding and the issue was resolved with Spicejet providing travel vouchers worth Rs.5,000/-.

Spicejet - 11.04.2013

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