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Regarding fake job probjects from Delta Bpo Solutions

Cheated us with Fraud projects. We were provided with an ad posting project initially which was a 5 Seater which was an Idiotic project and they stopped the project in between and instead of that we were provided with a UK lifestyle project in which we have to call the customers in the UK and should conduct a survey none of the customers responded to it and many customers told us that if we called them anymore they will file a complaint on us and due to the poor quality of projects we changed the projects 2 times and finally, we were provided with a new project which was Data Verification and Sorting process which had weekly payment and we completed the project successfully and we submitted it and after 1-week reply came from them that we were not having 95% accuracy and they terminated our project we have solid proof to claim that the data which we have provided has more than 95% accuracy and we rechecked them and each data we completed was very much accurate… they are no at all valuating the project and simply saying that there is no accuracy. When we contacted them they were no at all willing to talk and were simply saying what can we do… Now they are telling that if we call them anymore they will file a case against us… Dear Guys, please tell is this the manners of a firm… Anyway, I am filing a case against them for cheating and fraud, and my dear friends please don’t fall into the trap of Delta BPO Solution they will tell that they are iso certified and also they are Pvt Ltd but actually they have nothing… Once again I am warning you guys don’t fall into the trap of Delta I lost a Total of 2, 75, 000 rupees in total by dealing with Delta BPO Solutions

Niranam 689626, Kerala

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