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Complaint regarding refund from Amazon vendor

1. I had ordered a sofa cum bed on amazon online shopping site worth Rs 8000 which was not returnable but replaceable within 10days. It was delivered on 17th Aug. On opening the packing it was found that the product was of a different colour from what was ordered, the quality of stitching n packing of product was pathetic and even the measurements of the product were different and smaller from what I had ordered.

2. I immediately with 15minutes of delivery initiated the return and contacted customer care to request if it could be returned as the quality was very poor. it was accepted. However it was conveyed on the amazon site that it could not be picked up by the amazon return courier and it had to be self shipped whether it had to be replaced or returned.

3. I contacted the amazon customer care n requested numerous number of times to arrange for a pick as it was vivid times. I being a defence personnel posted at Udhampur had restrictions on move out in civil areas due to security reasons as well as covid restrictions. Plus the size of this package was big. However they refused everytime saying that they don’t have the logistic pickup support.

4. I was told to self ship and was told that courier charges will be refunded. I contacted a courier company. They informed that the weight of the package is 11kg by volumetric weight is 175kg. Therefore it will charge 6000 rupees to ship it. I conveyed it to customer care. Made numerous calls despite my very busy schedule at work to check if they would refund this amour as it is huge. They refused and told that I should mail the seller requesting him to pick up the sofa cum bed. It was surprising! Where does the seller come in! I have purchased a thing from amazon trusting their services! Anyhow messaged the seller as amazon customer care told me that the seller was bound to reply and take a considerate action. But I waited for a week n there was no reply from the seller.

5. It was almost end of Sept and I was wasting my precious time speaking n requesting customer care to resolve this. Finally they asked me to self ship and assured that they will refund the entire shipping charges amount provided I forward them a scanned copy of bills and the bill should have proper stamp of the company.

6. With great difficulty I homed on to a reliable transporter who settled on shipping the product in Rs5000. He is the transporter who has been transporting luggage of officers during their transfers. He shipped it on 2nd Oct and accordingly I forwarded the scanned copy of bills to amazon. While chatting online with customercare they told me that they will refund the amount of product as well as shipping charges once the product is received by the seller.

7. To my horror and utter disappointment, when the product was delivered back to the seller and I sent a scanned copy of the same bill on which the received signatures were taken by the transporter from the staff of the seller, it was replied by amazon that they need proof that the seller has received the product back!! I was shocked and I sent numerous mails saying that I have obtained signatures of the person who received. That’s all I could do. With so much of difficulty I got it shipped back. As a moral responsibility couldn’t they check or verify it from the seller n refund my amount!! They never replied back!! I waited and requested them in mails for almost a week..

8. It was now 8000 plus 5000 which was at stake. I requested the local transporter to please send his guy again to Noida at the same address of seller where he delivered back that sofa cum bed and get a stamp of the company along with those signatures. Such an atrocious attitude of this company! After a week when this guy asked to put their stamp on the same paper where they had written received, they put their stamp and wrote remarks that the product was received damaged and in used condition. That’s the end of the story.
9. Neither amazon company showed Amy professional attitude to resolve the issue. They can’t even question the seller for such an irresponsible behaviour. Neither the seller updated the product as returned. If it was received damaged the seller should have conveyed the same to the company. Why didn’t he do that!! N amazon did not contact the seller to ascertain details for the interest of the customer despite several requests. It’s highly disappointing.

10. I am a working woman in defence forces and have hard earned money. Because of the my duty commitments I didn’t not find time at all in this very busy routine to even pursue this for more than a month now.
11. Request if you could help me out in this

UDHAMPUR 182121, Jammu & Kashmir

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