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Regarding IELTS general training examination

Let me give you a background I have appeared for the test on 30- Jun -2018(IELTS General Traning) at Zirakpur Plam report, but during my Speaking Module that was on next day in Hometel Hotel Chandigarh I found the examiner who is appointed by the British Council was a very old lady and I was in full energy but during our conversation I have found the examiner was continuously yawning and feeling very sleepy during the examination and I found she was very least interested in listening to my answers and continuously interrupting me during the exam a behaving like a robot who have no feelings.

If Examiner is not listening to my thoughts and distracting my mind from giving my 100% by showing laziness gesture Like Yawning, feeling sleepy during exam and regular interrupting then how come i can give me 100% and how Examiner will rate me that how good my English is, i felt like she already predetermined my score and giving score to me without even listening to my full thoughts, even though yes I do respect elders but I also respect my hard earned money(12000 INR ) that is paid to British council for Evaluating my English Language ( IELTS General Traning ).

Next day on 3- Jul 2018, I have Marked a compliant on IELTS Exam Feedback email id and after 10 Days i have received a call from British Council Customer care that they have found during investigation that examiner was faulty and my result will be delayed or they provide me retest but but after 2 days i have received an email stating that we have reexamined your test result with different teacher and release your score on which I have raised an objection and asked her to hold my result as I am not satisfied and the commitment you made was different and the solution you are giving is not matching with your commitment as due to such examiner so many people are not getting the expected score as they are adding score without even concerned about the testers thoughts.

I want a restest for the Speaking module as the examiner was not well prepared, distracting me, not calculating in the accurate score and even she was out of retirement age. so I request consumer forum to help me so that I can get either my full refund or a retest for speaking module thanks.

Hope justice will not have denied here.

Ravi Katariya
Gurgaon 12204, New Delhi

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