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Replacement of Kutchina Chimney – Rs.13,990/-:

Replacement of Kutchina Chimney – Rs.13,990/-: Mr. Pradosh Ranjan Ray of Kolkata, West Bengal (raypradoshranjan[@] was having problem with his Kutchina Chimney ( FIEONA) since its installation on 29/08/2013. He had registered many complaints and even after repeated attempts by company technicians the defect could not be rectified. He sent mails to the company requesting replacement of the unit but it was not attended to. He posted his complaint with ICF on 17-08-2014 and the matter was taken up with Kutchina. After some follow-ups, Mr. Ranjan Ray got a replacement unit by 03-09-2014.

Mr. Pradosh Ranjan Ray, Kolkata, West Bengal
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