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Regarding job offers from Kamara techno data entry

On 14th july,2020 i got a call from a company named as Kamara techno data entry company by a man named as kxxxxl sxxxxxa. He told me that they will give me job of online data entry in which i have to send him adhar card, one photo and have to sign an agreement that if i have to fill 720 out of 800 forms and if i failed to do so i have to give them ?6000 as a penalty. He told me that i will get ?40 for each form and there are 800 forms to be filled. But after starting the work i realized that these forms can’t be filled because some of them were blurry, misleading, misplaced, etc. When i told kxxxxl sxxxxxa that i am having problem with these he denied to help me that i have to do it or otherwise i have to pay them ?6000 as a penalty for not filling the forms. And then i searched online about the company and then i got to know that there are lots of people who have been cheated by these guys. Recently there are more than 15 girls with we who are suffering from same problem. They are sending us threatening legal notice by lawyer named as hxxxxh in which it is written that if we will be unable to pay ?6000 before 4PM then they will send police to our respective addresses and will charge penalty of ?20000/30000.

Jaipur 302020, Rajasthan


    • Nirmala Prakash Survase on 28/08/2020 at 5:23 pm

    I am also suffering this problem.Now I don’t know what I am doing.Please tell me

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