Regarding missing item smart watch in Amazon Order
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Regarding missing item smart watch in Amazon Order

I residence of Goa do write this email in respect to challenge towards resolution provided from the Amazon Customer Care agent since the 4th April 2023 as my compliant was not properly handled. I raise my concern for miss guiding by Amazon agent from the day one of shipment delivered to my place of residence.

On day 4th April 2023 received the above mentioned shipment, and when the delivered shipment was unboxed it suprised me that the product the smart watch is missing in the brand box.

On day 4th April 2023 I requested for the replacement of the product by mentioning proper justification i.e. missing product and shared images of the delivered shipment. Thereafter I submitted my concern and requested CALL ME in my register mobile number and at that moment got call back from the Amazon agent,and I have brought the concern stating that the smart watch is missing in the brand box which delivered today,the Amazon agent informed me that the matter is under investigation and the escalating team will get back to me on 10th April 2023 with proper resolution. I have questioned the Amazon agent do I need to register a Police Compliant, the Amazon agent replied saying not to worry as the Amazon will come up with proper resolution by provide exact shipment as order by me.

Till day today 10th April 2023 I have not received any call back from your escalating team nor from the Amazon customer care agent, thereby bypassing my concerned raised and not providing the exact shipment.

Amazon customer care agent is informing that as per the investigation concluded the order shipped was intact and no any compensation will be paid for the above mentioned order. I am totally dissatisfied with the resolution provided for my concern and hereby challenge the Amazon for doing so fraud act.

I say that I paid rs 4999/- towards the above mentioned order after receiving the order from the delivery guy.

I once again request to either provide me with the proper order at the earliest. I say that my next step will be approaching legal aa per the law.

Cuncolim 403703, Goa

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