Regarding money lost in fraud company for data entry jobs
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Regarding money lost in fraud company for data entry jobs

I had applied data jobs through quicker jobs to the 2 companies named as “MIRATEL” company  they called me to give offer to join without registration fees by following agreement which includes identity proofs . i accepted the offer by signing the agreement along with my id proofs followed by the date 29-06-2022. “MIRATEL” company has given the  form filling  project(date 31-06-2022 to 7-07-2022) which contains 469 forms to complete .after one week got QC reports showed that 418 out 469 . they said that i has to pay for software purchasing charge of 18540 Rs to  correct data and get salary along refundable of software charges otherwise have to pay 5740 Rs to quit from project. i didn’t pay attention to their calls and didn’t show interest to pay amount.

After a day I got message  as a  filed case on substantial breach and email as well by labelled as district court ( mail id contains i got scared by seeing the message and called to that person as i wanted to continue do work with the company he said that has to pay software charges 18540 Rs and will write letter to taken back that file case against me. Blindly i believed that guy’s words and paid the money 18540 Rs  by 2 dividends first i sent 16000 rs and 2nd 2540 Rs and  he informed  that already wrote the letter  that shouldn’t taken action and filed case hasn’t valued , no need to worry , just wait for getting valuation incorrected data and will paid the salary along with refundable software charges. After sometime he said that i got mail from district court which comes from fake mail id  had  the advocate number has to talk with him to noc . even that lawyer also asked for money 28,540 Rs and his harsh talking gets me know that the fact is a Fake lawyer. After i  contacted my family members and friends as  i came to know that the FAKE MIRATEL company and associated documents they had sent through SMS FIR(Fake FIR number) and mail which got  ALL are those FAKE documents  . They had arranged Fake Lawyer to black mail me for taking money and this time i didn’t deceited by them. but i lost my money 18540 RS .
I Hope that My complaint should be validate. i Wish that Could  this forum  will help me out of this problems. Do save my identity proofs.  Now i am currently at bangalore , pg. i had given the pg address to them while signing the aggrement . i am attaching screenshot documents  what i paid and MB is not enough to uploaded the fake mail notice by lawyer and here  i am adding the bank details of theirs  where i paid the amount .

Thank you, Harika , Bangalore.

Tirupati 517501, Andhra Pradesh

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