Regarding rental, agreement and packer services from Nobrokers
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Regarding rental, agreement and packer services from Nobrokers

Rental agreement – Not delivered – No response 3 Weeks
Value: Nobroker Rental Agreement

They keep insisting on receiving the payment immediately, so I made the payment On 12 Jan 2023. They sent me a draft and I had to follow up with multiple representatives from different departments then I got the corrections made. On 3 Feb 2023, they are sending me a final draft which looks the same as the first draft. I am appalled by this incompetence.

– I paid for paid assistance for the house search – The rep did not give me one good house, I searched the house myself in the app
– NoBroker’s movers and packers incorrectly estimated my house items so I had to privately book another vehicle
– The rental has been a mess since then

Are the staff ill-trained? overworked? merely careless? I have no idea why it is a harrowing experience to work with NoBroker

Bangalore 560024, Karnataka

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