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Regarding services from

I got registered for my son, as paid member on 16/08/17, under the Platinum Plus Plan by paying Rs. 5,380/- for a period of one year and provision of 450 contacts.
1) Since the very first week agents b begin calling me on the pretext of helping the search, but all the did was threaten me that the Platinum Plus package was not sufficient and I am required to take their costliest Personal Matchmaking assisted matrimony, to be able to get any results, whereas nothing about the existing package of Prem. Plus ?
2) The profile posted by me/us is being constantly tempered/edited by to suit their personal whims and desires. Critical details as photos, date & time of birth are simply being edited out, inspite of repeated corrections and requests by me to display them.
3) Out of the 450 proposals for contacts to offered, I used about 50 so far, but surprisingly either they seem to be fake or simply vanish from the scene without any communication. Occasionally autogenerated declines are being posted. Lot of proposals just do not provide any contact information.

With many such other problems the site is not yielding any progress towards a Matrimonial alliance form son.

I have already spoken / written about these issues to, but simply being ignored by them.

VASUNDHARA, GHAZIABAD 201012, Uttar Pradesh

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