Regarding trading and investment with Olymp Trade

Regarding trading and investment with Olymp Trade

One day (on 27th September 2019) I saw an advertisement (web banner) appearing in to a web page. I clicked on that advertisement. Women in that advertisement was claiming that she earned quite huge amount by trading with Olymp trade. Believing on this advertisement I registered myself with Olymp Trade. I am trading with Olymp Trade platform from 27th Sep 2019. Initially I used their demo account and after that I started using their live account. I have some loses earlier but later on I started earning. But at the moment when I started to recover my losses and earned some money, trade line in stock charts started responding opposite to my every expectation. It seems that stock charts are controlled by Olymp Trade team and in last few seconds they can eaisly change the stock line. There is a reason to mention this as I have experienced this several time. It can happen to anyone for few times but can’t happen repeatedly. When I started trading with Olymp trade, my success rate was 50-70 % which has been reduced to less than 10% now. Just to recover my losses I traded again and again.
But now the situation is that I have nothing to spend. I have lost everything I had. Even I took loan 25000USD from my bank. Till date I lost my hard earn money of an amount approx 46000 USD in their manipulated trading. I never lost such a huge amount in other trading platforms in India. I am very afraid now after losing my hard earned money of so many years.This is very painful and depressing situation for me.
I have lost my all the money and I left with no money now. It is becoming very difficult for me to run a life as I need to take care of my wife and my two small kids (6 years and 8 years old). I humbly request you to kindly help me to recover my money from them. My earnings are very limited and I can’t bear such loses.

Zirakpur 140603, Punjab

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