Rude service from delivery executive of Xpressbees logistics
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Rude service from delivery executive of Xpressbees logistics

I would like to raise a complaint against xpressbees logistics. The delivery executive and his Team leader has used foul and threatening language to me. Delivery executive has come to my house and yelled at us and asked to me take back my complaint when in I have already done it. Customer care executive did not escalate this issue to her TL/Manager. How irresponsible they can be????

The story behind this:

I ordered from Ajio app and the delivery logistics was xpressbees without informing me the executive delivered my order to the security guard and left, which I was unaware so I raised a complaint with Ajio.

They took my complaint on Feb 13 and on Feb 16 I got an automated call asking if I have received the product and I did say that I have received it as the security guard gave my order the next day and assumed the complaint was closed.

Feb 17: I got a call from the delivery executive stating he needs my Aadhaar card number on a paper and to write I received the product with my signature. I have told him I will not be doing that and then he was rude and told if u don’t do so company will be debiting the products amount from his account. Even his team lead was rude and said if u can’t give Aadhaar number just give us in writing with taht i have received the product your signature for us to submit as proof. WHY WILL YOU WANT CUSTOMERS CONFIDENCIAL INFORMATION TO CLOSE A COMPLAINT?????

Question: Is this mentioned in the policy of xpressbees that customer needs to give the above mentioned details to close the complaint??

FYI – I did call Ajio and closed the complaint saying I received the product.

Take necessary actions against Xpressbees logistics. How the hell can they talk to their customers like this and ask for personal information. i need compensation for mental stress and trauma you have given me and ensure that no other person from local logistics will call me or come to my house or i will go to the PS and raise complaint against xpressbees.

Hyderabad 500057, Telangana

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    • Venu on 14/10/2023 at 12:49 am

    This is very very bad experience for my order delivery and never seen such a irresponsible courier service in my life.

    What an team your maintaining at IDPL, Hyderabad location, wow hats off to you and hope in the same way every customer is suffering for receiving the orders from such an low class transporter.

    I am not at my home at the time of delivery and I have asked my mom to receive the product but Xpressbees reached the location and behaved very very rude my my mother which is not at all acceptable.

    Kindly take severe action against such courier Xpressbees immediately and confirm

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