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Standard chartered refuses to open account for a student

Standard chartered vashi, navi mumbai branch denied me service for basic savings account opening because i am a student. In the rules it’s mentioned anyone who has income less than 1lakhs can open the account but i cant as i dont have any income as per the sales manager from that branch.
They wont open a zero balance, They just wanted me to open an account in which i have to maintain 25k balance.
They made so many excuses, some of them didnt make any sense.
I called up the customer care and he told me that anyone who is an indian citizen and has a valid pan and aadhar can do so, i made him talk to her but she gave the phone back to me and acted all busy.
Excuses made by them-
1. You are a student
2. We dont provide basic savings account to new customers to our bank
3. You dont earn hence your income is not less than 10lakh.
There was no cooperation from the branch.
I had enquired everything before visiting the branch, i had a chat online with the banks representative and i got a call back as well where i was told to go to the branch. But when i finally go all the way to the branch i am treated like that, why becuase i dont fulfill thier motive of opeing a account which has minimum balance of 25k?
My complaint no is-20180404261169

Saquib Hashmi
Navi mumbai. 410210, Mumbai 410210, Maharashtra

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