Washing machine parts taken by Good Services
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Washing machine parts taken by Good Services

Incident occurred around end of October . A company named Good Services has been calling them selves authorized dealer of Samsung  under toll free number 1800 121 9887 . They keep changing their site showing under diff companies all times . I called 1800 121 9887number to send me technician for my front door washing machine getting error codes intermittently . They send a support person of ‘Good Services’  which I initially thought are s sub vendor of Samsung . This guy came and I guess falsely claimed that there is some problem with board took control board kept with them for 2 days and came back and put it together . Support folks problem is sorted and charged me 4000 and left . Only within 5 mins of them leaving i ran the washing machine and i got error codes again and much more worse . I called the person who came in immediately and told it ; he said he will come but he never came back . Every time i was calling him he was not picking call again .This drama went for 1 week then i called 1800 number again and they said they will escalate to person concerned . After 2-3 such calls one person(nt the same person) came said its there fault and they will fix it . This is almost 2 months back . After that every time i called person named Arif who claimed that he is a Samsung guy which I later uncovered is telling lies . Every time i call some new excuse is given. Please see excuses below 1) parts are not available 2) Employess are on leave 3) Out of station Now they have my all parts including motor with them and they have not come back

They have taken parts which they have nt returned back yet . Every time I call them they say 1 day or 2 day but has nt done work till date .
I have chat and video transcript of some of these

Bangalore 560047, Karnataka
Email: bxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com

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    • Srini on 15/03/2021 at 11:05 am

    Same thing happened with me. LG microwave oven board was taken for repair and not returned even after 15 days and multiple calls. This customer care is fake. Their service is fake. I am planning to lodge a police complaint,

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