Xpressbee delivery boy not delivering at doorstep
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Xpressbee delivery boy not delivering at doorstep

This incident happened to me and my mother every time when we have to receive a courier through Xpressbee. As my mother have health issues she wont be able to walk down the stairs and collect the parcels as we live up on the 1st floor so we have a basket out from our Varanda(balcony) where we usually say all our delivery persons to put them in the basket all our delivery executives will put them in the basket.

But the delivery person from Xpressbee refused to put them in the basket and tells us to come down and collect the parcel And this has happened more than 4-5 times every single time he says us to come down and collect. How is it possible for a women who cannot walk down evry single time??
We hang that basket down there is because everytime my mom wont be able to walk down stairs and thats why i put it there but he asks to come down and get the Parcel what is this?

And last before that time he did stand on the street and shouting at our house Saying “AKKA AKKA” we asked why are you shouting you can come up and give the parcel nah. And he said why cant you pick up the phone in a very rude tone. And when i checked the phone there where noo calls from him.
This is the worst delivery experience we ever had. This delivery person is not even ready to get out of bike and delivery the product. Saying that his bike has no stand so he cant get down of the bike
I dont knw like literally he is been saying the same lie for almost 4mnths. And still he keeps on saying that with all his gut.
And soo i Told him i wont able to come put it in the basket and Go , and he all of a sudden disconnected my call and later on i checked the basket the Parcel was not there this is such a bad behaviour from him.
I would like to raise an immediate action on him for this behaviour.
And the next day we received a message saying your order has been returned due to no response from ur side? Seriously? That stupid fellow refused to give the parcel. Wht rights he has on returning our parcel back without our concern

The Executive behaviour was very bad

Coimbatore 641023, Tamil Nadu
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com

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