Complaint against Yepme for refund

I had ordered two t-shirts on Yepme order no 33607024 on 30 april.Then I cancelled the order,but I didn’t get the refund till yet.I also ordered three t-shirts between 1-4 may which was order no 33624557.In this order money was deducted from my account but the order was not successful. I have tried to call them.But firstly they pick up the call in 12-15 minutes after ringing.And they always put my call on hold saying that they will check details.After putting my call on hold it disconnects.This has happened to me more than 30 times.I also sent them various mail regarding this but they only say they will look after the issue and once again nothing is done. It has already been more than 4 months.I have got nothing.

Utkarsh Kumar
North campus, DU, New Delhi-110007

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