Complaint regarding non-delivery by First Flight

A consignment was booked from Mumbai 30.10.2018. The consignment was to be shipped to Bahraich City in Uttar Pradesh. The address of the reciever was 179 b raipur raja, civil lines bahraich.

I have not recieved the parcel even after 15 days of booking. When I try to call the customer care, no one is picking the call there and no response from their side. It is a very bad experience for me from first flight courier. I will suggest everyone to never book any parcel from first flight service. it is a very irresponsible company with very high rates.

I am unable to locate about my parcel. It occured a huge loss for me by the delay from courier company. consignment no. B903Z8365036

Saurabh Upadhyaya
Civil Lines, BAHRAICH 271801, Uttar Pradesh

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