Money transferred from PayTM wallet not received in bank

I have transferred Rs 254 to my bank on 19th January which I got refund from paytm with wallet transaction id 17489668635 against an order no 4431904430. Its been 25 days since I have transferred, I haven’t received in my bank account till now.

I have raised a complaint with no. 50279853 on 29th January but haven’t got money till now. The customer care saying again and again to visit the bank but how can I visit bank because my Bank is in trivandrum but I am in Kolkata and they are saying its your problem not mine inspite of that I called customer care of ICICI Bank they are saying “what will they do with refund request number and if paytm will transfer the amount and it will be credited”. So, it looks like a fault from paytm as its showing staus pending. Please help to get my money back because its happening 3rd time.

Shapoorji Newtown, NEW TOWN 700135, West Bengal

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