Regarding matrimony service from mypartnerindia

I received a call from Ms. Sxxxxxa from – Allahabad Franchisee on 25-Aug-17. She gave me few girl’s profile out of which one was very much suitable to my requirements. She said she checked with girl’s family and they are very much interested in taking the alliance further. Later on 30-Aug-17 I asked Ms. Sxxxxa to give me over email that girl’s profile is genuine, she did confirm without realizing the consequences. Based on her confirmation, I paid Rs. 3000 same day via IndusInd ref# 724216728110 and she shared the mobile number with me in the evening as 9xxxxxxxx6 (Ms. Sxxxxxn Mxxxxxxxi). Ms. Sxxxxxxxa gave me a fake profile and fake mobile number which is always switched off for over 2 months now. After my intense follow-up with Ms. Sxxxxxxxxa, she stopped responding my calls. I escalated this matter to her senior Ms. Rxxxxx Sxxxxx but even she didn’t do anything and later even she stopped responding my phone. During last 2 month’s I sent at least 10 emails to this company but not received even single response from them. At the end I escalated this matter to Corporate office however even she didn’t do anything and never responded my emails. I am ready to pay moderate fees, if required, however I desperately want these companies to be penalized heavy for their wrong doing and playing with innocent people’s sentiments and emotions and stealing their money. I have plenty of proofs. I have all whatsapp msgs stored in my mobile. Chain of multiple emails proof. And all voice call recordings (luckily I have voice call recorder in my mobile and I did record all their calls). I can provide all those if needed. With this complaint, am attaching chain of emails with company in pdf format. Thanks in advance for your much required action.

Manoj Herchandani
Jhotwara, Jaipur 302012, Rajasthan

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